car insurance singapore empowers financial support for any damage. This insurance plan helps when an insured car gets involved in an accusation. It is an agreement between the owner and insurance company in which the car owner pays a premium to the company in installments and the company in return gives benefit assistance whenever needed.

June 28, is observed as the national insurance awareness day.

How do you get this car insurance?

There are a few steps which you have to follow for any insurance. They are listed below-

1. Select the type of Policy

There are two types of policies. One is, in which you get a limited plan and in the other, you also get add- ons on the plan.

  1. Third-party liability cover– It proposes limited protection. This policy only secures you against the loss accomplished by your vehicle to the third party.
  1. Comprehensive insurance cover-It offers security against the destruction of the vehicle, demise of the driver or passenger, and the loss caused by the vehicle to a third party.

Car Insurance

2. Choose the add-ons with a comprehensive policy

If you are choosing a comprehensive policy then you are expected to choose any add-ons to the policy. You can choose them as your desire but always memorize that their cost will be added to your premium plan. Some of the add-ons are

  1. Engine safety
  2. Roadside assistance safety
  3. Key protection
  4. Tire safety
  5. Personal loss safety

3. Finalize reputed company and pick a policy

After deciding on policy and add-ons the next step is to find a good and reputed company for your purpose. While finalizing you must check their plans, benefits and features, and premiums. A promising league eternally allows a hassle-free process and endorses its customers.

4. Complete documentation

After choosing a company the next step is to complete the documentation section. But before filling in all your details you must check all the documents thoroughly and fill in all the legal conditions.

5. Make an online payment

Once you fill out the documents, make an online payment to the company. Many companies accept these payments via debit card/credit card and online banking.

6. Get a copy of your policy

Once you complete a payment process you will get a message to the registered email id. Make sure you must check all the details carefully. These details should match and be corrected according to your insurance plan.