Business ideas for an entrepreneur sometimes appear only in the head. But keep in mind that you may encounter some obstacles. One of the problems that entrepreneurs often face is the problem of capital. But you should not worry because there are several ways to get capital, one of which is to find investors.

To find your investors, you need to prepare a commercial proposal. You may need clarification about how to make a good business proposal. Learn how easy it is to write a simple business plan. With a good and professional business proposal and a professional, you will easily get Ignition investors if your business idea is written with a clear and compelling structure.

Below are the steps to make professional business proposals.

Within a business proposal, there are key parts that must be included in it. These are the parties that potential partners with whom you will work together should be aware. By making a good offer, you can give the fullest possible vision. With full information, potential partners will be easier to evaluate the less your business offers. The first part you should create is the introduction, which outlines the background of the business idea that you will pitch to investors.


Write your business idea in a compact and dense format that is easy to understand. It gives practical information and represents the situation on site or where you want to direct your business. Make the words clear and engaging because, in this section, your business idea will have an image.

After the introduction and background, you need to describe the business idea you will offer; in this section, start writing in detail about what kind of business you like and what you offer. Describe how the process works, including production and distribution, and how promotion methods fit the business. The following section is financial calculations; in this section, you can write proposals on the cooperation you would offer to your investors.

Write a complete and detailed calculation of the capital required to operate the company. Consider risk and return on investment so potential investors can think about whether you can work with you based on the risk and capital calculation you calculate in this section; the more obvious your calculations are, the more likely you will get investors.

After writing some of the financial calculations and the business model details, write the cover page for your sales pitch. Do it with polite and kind words so your business model will attract potential investors. A good composition and a well-planned offer will increase the percentage you receive from investors according to the business models you offer.


Work with your planning team to include these three items in your plan. They will make sure your business plan is completely different and unique. The clarity of goals and strategies impresses investors.