Do you know what is managing up? What are the dos, don’ts, and tactics in managing up? This article will discuss everything you should know about managing up. Also, you can use the website and gain more information.

What is managing up?

 We have seen people using the word managing up, which means influencing their boss or higher authorities on their projects. But managing up is all about maintaining alignments for your goals, the organization’s, and the manager’s goals. In simple words, it is the support for you and your business. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand the meaning of managing up as a tactic to achieve individual goals. This kind of mindset will affect the skillset and create negative ramifications. Mid-career professionals will find it challenging to attain upward management since it requires a proper attitude to have a clear relationship with leaders and managers. At the same time, managing up is a difficult task that will create anxiety and high-stakes situations. It is harder to say, but mid-career professionals will attain these skills after a painful process.

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Managing up is not:

Managing up is not a situation when people think that they are managing up efficiently but are not. These kinds of problems arise with two category people:

  1. The politicians: politicians may feel they are effectively working, but sometimes that may not happen. They will concentrate on making themselves look better. These types of activities will be successful for a short time and effectively result in losing trust in them.
  2. The problem finder: managing up effectively will undergo some problems. Some people will need help to handle the issues properly. The way they handle the situation will result in creating more issues. A person constantly voicing feedback and highlighting problems will fall under this category and limit the success percentage. These people think they are sharing proactive information and escalating issues, but the fact is that they are creating a more challenging job for the managers.

Final words

Once you progress in your career, the most critical required skill will be managing, which you must master. Without knowing how to handle manage up, you cannot master any leadership, and you cannot also become an executive. Starting to develop these skills earlier will help you master them when you start your career.