Why Invest in London Property?

The city’s steady foundation, driving organizations, and reliable property requests keep on drawing in real estate investment london notwithstanding uncommon conditions.

After an emergency, more individuals hope to secure a position in markets and focus on driving capital urban communities like London. Diminishing proprietor occupier rates amid vulnerability further add to the interest for rental.

This developing interest for land, combined with an unquestionably low base pace of 0.1% set by The Bank of England to empower getting, reinforces London’s case for purchase to-give venture access 2022.

real estate investment london

What does a BNO identification qualify me for in the UK?

On the off chance that you are living in Hong Kong and are as of now a holder of a BNO visa or qualified to apply for a BNO identification, later on, you will be qualified for a large group of privileges and advantages, including:

  • Be qualified to apply for a BNO visa to live and work in the UK
  • Have the option to enlist as a British Citizen on the off chance that you meet specific circumstances

Get consular help and assurance from UK strategic posts

A Hong Kong BNO identification holder was simply permitted to visit the UK and remain there for as long as a half year without a visa. However, starting from the presentation of the visa last year, any BNO holders who are fruitful with their BNO visa application are currently qualified for another arrangement of freedoms that make moving from Hong Kong to the UK a lot simpler.

The different highlights of the BNO visa include:

  • Capacity to bring quick wards, including non-BNO residents
  • Authorization to work and concentrate in the UK, without any limitations on business
  • Capacity to get to NHS medical care, having paid the Immigration Health Surcharge
  • Admittance to state-funded training
  • Capacity to remain for as long as 5 years


The new BNO visa application has made it a lot more straightforward to remain for all time in the UK, and a lot of Hong Kongers with BNO identifications will keep on moving every year. This new convergence of individuals requiring lodging will be an impetus for the market. If you are searching for a wise speculation opportunity, right now is an ideal opportunity to act. Visit https://www.ipglobal-ltd.com/en/insights/united-kingdom-property-investment/birmingham/ for more information.