Email Experts help brands grow through automated marketing solutions, including building email; these experts are: 

  • Data-driven
  • Strategic
  • Solutions focused

Many businesses are still not appreciating the work of emails as a marketing strategy. Why? It is because some customers simply ignore emails when they received them. Others are deleting their inboxes while leaving unread messages trashed.

What is the problem with it?

When doing an email campaign, you need to know the reasons first why customers simply ignore emails. First thing is, they don’t find it interesting or valuable. Why? They instantly think that these emails are automated and keep repeating. Customers assumed that they are getting the same email content received one day and the next day.

Well, it is a real challenge when using this kind of marketing strategy. The only secret here is to make emails attractive to potential customers. Let’s say, an email is sent to the target audience with an eye-catching subject. Of course, nobody would refuse to read a subject with the name of the receiver plus the wondering words, like you won a free gift.

Yes, this may sound like a gimmick, but don’t let it will be. If you are a business that wants to reach the target audience, don’t just make it a promise. Instead, make it happen! One of the most common problems of most emails is inviting customers to open the email, yet after opening it, they find out that the content is the same as yesterday’s email.

Email Experts

How can email experts help your business?

If you are looking for help with cost-effective, faster, and flawless work of an email marketing strategy, then you must be looking for an email expert. You must hire an experienced, certified, and ready on-board email marketing strategy expert.

What do email marketing experts offer?

Email marketing experts offer you various services, being a

  • Email developer
  • Email campaign manager
  • Email automation expert
  • Data integration and migration manager

What is an email developer?

An email developer is a skilled specialist who develops highly specialized and bespoke email templates from scratch. It integrates the developed email templates in ESP (Email Service Provider) and ensures they render pixel-perfect on all mobile clients and device platforms.

What is an email campaign manager?

An email marketing manager creates, implements, tracks, and analyzes email campaigns. Businesses use email campaigns to do everything; from selling products and services, to helping customer service and sending out subscriber info and more. The role of email marketing manager is responsible for:

  • planning
  • developing
  • implementing
  • maintaining

All these work for the general company’s email marketing strategy. With the emergence of digital marketing and inbound recruiting, an email marketing manager role becomes very important for the success of the business.