Death is an occasion that brings with itself immense grief and sorrow upon the loved ones of the deceased. Death can hit a person in either one of the most unexpected way. One could be healthy as a horse, walking down the street and they might get hit with a vehicle and lose their life. They can also be battling with a terminal disease such as cancer, and may not be fortunate enough to win that battle. A major part of helping people deal with death of a loved one, is to allow them to give a proper farewell to the deceased. This is why funerals are held. You may Learn more about the cost of a Christian funeral in Singapore here. Let us understand what is the emotional as well as spiritual logic behind the concept of a funeral.

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What is a funeral and how is is carried out?

A funeral is defined as performing the last rites of the deceased. Many people claim that performing the funeral of a deceased, helps the family members and loved ones of him/her, to accept the reality that the person who passed away is truly no longer there. A funeral acts as a first step, towards letting the human brain process that a person crucial in their life had passed away and would not longer be present in their life. There is also the logic, that performing a person’s funeral, or last rites as they are called, in accordance with the religion of the deceased, helps their soul pass on to heaven, or the after world. It is believed that if a person dies an unfulfilled life, or has any wish left that couldn’t fulfill before their death, then their spirit is not able to move into the after world, and remains stuck on earth and haunts people and places. The same is said to happen if a person’s funeral is not conducted properly.

Earlier, talking about death and funerals was considered a societal taboo and people prohibited others from talking about it. This is why many times when a member of a family would pass away, the remaining members would have no idea how the deceased would have wanted to be laid to rest. However today, the situation has changed drastically. Not only are people accepting death, for the inevitable it is, but are also talking openly about how they wish their families members to deal with it, when it comes knocking