Buddhism is one of the leading religions in our society. It varies greatly around the world in the way it is practiced and adopted. Several different forms of religion constitute diverse denominations of culture all around the world. These various denominations practice different rites and rituals related to the matters of life and death. There are several differences in the way that funeral services are enacted which can be availed by hiring professionals from buddhist funeral services singapore

How is it different?

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They often believe in the spiritual life cycle of a soul where there are different stages for the soul including reincarnation, and enlightenment. Revolving around the beliefs of Hinduism and Sikhism, Buddhism believes in the act in the act of performing good deeds to gain good karma, and acting with any bad or ill intentions must result in bad luck or karma. They often believe that the acts performed in this life will determine the future lives of these souls which can be made better by keeping a check on your actions in this life.

It also means that if you work towards the betterment of general people and want to search for enlightenment in this life you are more likely to suffer less in your next life than those who perform bad deeds and are often consumed by sinful thoughts such as lust, greed, and desire, etc. The ultimate goal in life for people who follow Buddhism is to liberate themselves from the cycle of life and death which is often achieved through enlightenment. They want to reach the ultimate state of nirvana where they must rid themselves of the basic desires in life that are often pursued greatly by human beings. The act of gaining this liberation from worldly notions is described as enlightenment.

Funeral rites and services in Buddhism

Traditionally, Buddhism suggests death should be received in a calm and constant environment. This is an event that should be attended by close family and friends only. The people collected are required to reflect on the good acts and deeds performed by the person who is leaving, to help them gain betterment in their next life as well.

It is said that the soul does not leave the body immediately, therefore, the dead body must not be touched or moved for at least four hours after the person has passed away. It must be kept cold to avoid the growth of germs and decomposers.