Today and beyond, the organizations that thrive are those that have solid business establishments and procedures, embrace innovation and creative cycles, and develop their presence abroad. The enterprise development grant singapore helps Singapore organizations develop and change. This grant supports projects that help you to update your business, develop or travel abroad, under three points of support:

Center capabilities

Projects under Core Capabilities help organizations prepare for development and change by strengthening their business establishments. These must go beyond essential features like business and accounting.

Development and Productivity

enterprise development grant singapore

Innovation and Productivity projects support organizations investigating new areas of development, or looking for ways to improve proficiency or simplify asset utilization to further develop their maintainability execution. These may incorporate investigation and update processes and work cycles. Organizations can also leverage mechanization and innovations to make routine tasks more efficient and cost-effective.

Market access

Projects under Market Access support Singaporean organizations that are willing and prepared to travel abroad. You can leverage the EDG to help settle some of the expenses of venturing into overseas business sectors. As of December 30, 2020, Overseas Marketing Presence (OMP) will be maintained under the Market Readiness Assistance Grant (MRA).

What does the EDG stand for?

The grant subsidizes qualifying project costs, specifically external consulting, programming and hardware charges, and in-house labor costs. Note: There are no pre-supported merchants for EDG.

Who can apply?

To fit the EDG account, you want to:

  • Become a registered and working business member in Singapore
  • Have at least 30% equity interest in the neighborhood
  • Being in a monetarily reasonable position to start and finish the task

Applications will be evaluated by Enterprise Singapore taking into account the scope of the task, the results of the project, and the capacity of the specialist organization. There are no required application charges expected for plans presented by ESG. Any application charges cited by individuals/companies offering grant application administrations are not accepted by the Government. Bosses eligible for Skills Future Enterprise Credits (SFEC) can also fit into the extra endowment account under the plan.