To outsource CAD drafting services for projects and products were used by manufacturers, contractors, and architects. Project quality and execution will be affected if the accuracy, quality, and turnaround time drawings don’t meet the benchmarks. Whether manufacturing a quality product on time or finishing a construction project meeting deadlines – outsourcing CAD drafting services and design for these projects can have an important role.

Outsourcing CAD drafting is the best option for large and medium companies that target on freeing up the core resources. With outsourcing, your company can enjoy the following benefits:

  • saves time
  • reduces overall costs
  • decreases infrastructure liability
  • provides high-quality deliverables
  • increases flexibility

Why outsource CAD drafting services? 

CAD drafting is a very time-consuming task. It involves several works, from recording and close coordination with the design managers and the product stakeholders.

outsource CAD drafting services

Benefits of getting CAD outsourcing

Expert CAD drafters. Hiring an excellent CAD drafting expert will extend the accuracy and compliance with the design standards. It needs a thorough understanding of the following:

  • precise geometry
  • drawing symbols
  • clear communication of manufacturing processes

CAD drafting teams carefully check on the important details, such as:

  • mark slopes
  • depths
  • arc curvatures
  • datum symbols
  • orientations
  • other features

They utilize different parametric CAD platforms to share exact design intent.

Improved quality and fast turnaround time

The quality of the drawings as well as the turnaround time are essential aspects of CAD drafting projects. These factors influence every step of the project execution and production. If you lack quality, it may result in reword, delays, and wasted time. 

Enhanced productivity, leveraging APIs and 3rd party software

Despite the multifaceted functionalities of CAD platforms, sometimes it requires APIs and eternal applications to improve the design process. Outsourcing businesses have specialized engineers working on customized macros and Application Programming Interfaces for the 3rd party software. It helps increase the efficiency of the design team and expands capacity to deliver add-on services.

For instance, if you add repetitive features like holes in sheet metal modeling, it can be time-consuming. By using the 3rd party software, it automates the command and generates a pattern quickly. Some other platforms allow markups in digital drawings that are highly useful for quantity takeoffs and cost estimation. 

Quick ramp-up and down of resources

Market fluctuations are experienced by the manufacturing industries throughout the year. It means the workload for design engineers rises during peak times and decreases at other times. But, getting and firing resources based on the changing demands is not a sustainable choice.

Having a CAD team allows you to handle this situation efficiently. It empowers you to bring more resources when the workload increases. The team can handle the work during busy periods. Once the workload reduces, you can bench the extra resources. You have nothing to worry about the costs and legalities.