So, all of us know YouTube; we all have come across small advertisement clips at the start or in the middle of the videos? These clips advertise or promote some of the other brands, products, or courses. We also find some brand channels on YouTube uploading videos and reviews about their product to share them with people. This process is called YouTube marketing, and in short, it is promoting or advertising any product on YouTube.

Brief history

Ethan Zuckerman was the person who invented pop-ups advertisements on YouTube in between videos. In 2006 YouTube started its goal to monetize advertisements by launching participatory video ads and brand channels. Cingular was the first major advertiser on YouTube with an underground music contest. And as we can see today, in 2021, YouTube marketing is very normal. We see YouTube advertisements before almost every video, and now two consecutive ads are played before videos and even in between some.

Youtube Marketing


  1. Firstly, make our YouTube channel with our google account.
  2. Then learn and study about YouTube demographics, in which particular area most viewers live or which age group is engrossed on YouTube more, and which type of content is preferred more.
  3. Learn and study about our competitors, think in what way you can get something new which would attract a crowd.
  4. Also, have a look at our favorite channels on YouTube and note what made us like those channels, which of their strategies attracted you the most.
  5. Learn the tactics of optimization so that we can get more views and rankings.
  6. Find a common time in which maximum people are busy on YouTube and then schedule the upload of our videos as per the time.
  7. Also, optimize our channel by completing our profile, uploading different channel trailers, adding descriptions, etc.
  8. Arrange all our videos in playlists as required and give them a good and clear title where people can easily find what they need.
  9. Try YouTube advertising and promoting our product. We can find four different ways of YouTube advertisements and select them as per our convenience.
  10. Once we start uploading regularly, we start to analyze based on views, likes, and comments. And start working on negative points and promoting positive ones. And start making videos as per the results to get more and more views.