An individual is thought to have citizenship in a country or territory where they are not nationals if they are given the constitutionally guaranteed right to do so. A permanent resident is a person who holds such a legal position. Frequently, this is for an ambiguous time frame.


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Becoming a legal resident of Singapore not only offers a wide range of career advancement prospects but also reduces Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) obligations by the applicant’s residency status at the time the private property was purchased.

Singapore Permanent Resident

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One can enjoy the several advantages and privileges of a Singaporean citizen by acquiring Singaporean PR status.

One seems to be allowed to live, operate, educate, buy both public and private property, and engage in Singaporean society as just a legal resident of the city-state. To be a Permanent Resident comes with several benefits, including the chance to enter and exit the country without the need for a visa, prioritizedenrolment in Singapore’s public schools for Permanent Resident children who remain in the classroom, the possibility of switching jobs without needing to obtain a new job ticket, knowledge base, a higher monthly income, and many more.

Hence, these are the advantages of becoming a Singaporean Resident.