B2B email marketing is a strategy designed for:

  1. Driving interest in product or service
  2. Generating leads
  3. Converting opportunities throughout the marketing funnel

Successful b2b email marketing services use a combination of inbound and outbound emails to reach the target audience; new and existing customers.

Why is B2B email marketing effective?

Email is considered a universal channel. Almost all have an inbox and expect to receive marketing messages. It means communicating with unknown and known contacts over email, which is non-invasive and easy. Email is an ideal place, as a result, to start building relationships with customers and prospects.

Types of b2b email marketing  

  • Curated email content. Consumers provide contact details by believing they will come to know what’s in it for them. It is totally responsible to reach expectations and delivering good content. Whatever the industry, curating email content can be done by sharing interesting information. It gives the chance to maintain a healthy relationship and not always be self-promoted.

It depends on the curated content, emails are sent weekly or monthly.

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  • Company announcement email. When there is news/worthy content regarding the company is valuable for a client to know. According to the research, 26% of B2B subscribers register because they like to know about the company. So, when news is shared, such as product launches, Award wins, and new pricing options. You must tell the subscribers this good news.

One can tell by writing the entire story through email or providing a link taking the subscriber to land a page.

  • New video or article email. When a company writes any new article on the website, it will copy-paste it to the email or provide a link to the article in the email and send it to the clients and subscribers. If a company manufactures some products, they can make a video of how the products are manufactured and send it to the subscribers. A new article or video email is one of the essential email marketing types that ensure transparency is preserved. You may send this type of email marketing once monthly to engage with the audience.
  • Inactive email. Subscribers who don’t open emails keep an eye on those people and send emails to them with content. Inactive emails are sent three times yearly, ideally, but the number increases or decreases according to the firm or company.
  • Campaign, webinar, and event. Email is a tool to promote any company to the audience, whether it is any digital marketing campaign, webinar, or event. Write an email to the clients informing them that you are going to conduct a campaign. It gets new clients.

If you plan to use B2B email marketing, you should build a strong campaign and ask an expert on b2b email marketing.